Charming Ginja of Gwenniver

*22. April 2017

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Züchter: Rolf Molinnus





Stoneyard's dark velvet Pure passion

 Susedalens Remington Sendero  Steelriver Blazin Hot at Blacktoft
Susedalens Carrie Broadshaw
 Stoneyard`s dark velvet Let`s be happy Stoneyard`s dark velvet Gaelic Lightling
 Miss Mallorys Now Or Never

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 Pearly Coat Eclair`s Fine Fowler  Windstock Derringer
 Pearly Coat Eclair Du Henriette
 Black Amandas Dazzling Cover Girl Black Amandas Vote For Me
 Twillight Star`s Everlasting Elegance


Flat Coated Retriever Steffi und Axel Gerecke